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Be prepared to be brushed by the brilliance of breakthrough technology at your fingertips. Qartpay, an organized aggregator of international standards is now ready to relieve you of the sophisticated monotony of the monetary movement for your business. Here is a brief description of what we do and how we do it.

As an aggregator we are attuned to managing business-to-business financial transactions. Protruding out of years of experience of highly qualified IT specialists, Qartpay proposes to provide your business a prime platform to administer money transactions. Along with this platform, we offer to our clients the attribute of labeling these transactions that are managed by us under their business's name itself. Known as the White Label Global Payment, this service enhances a business's profile in the work field.

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Qartpay's features serve one-stop solution to all your payments. We focus on complementing your solutions and services to extend your value proposition and enable new market conversations.

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With Qartpay you can offer your customers a protected and consistent installment the executives module. We center around supplementing with your web answers for decrease the reconciliation costs for you and increment the utility of your stage. We have worthwhile and adjustable affiliate advantage programs. Get in touch with us presently to know more!

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Pay-out Features


Our integrated online payment platform runs on an entirely transparent framework. The business owner is given full ability to supervise all transactions that allows him to keep constant vigilance over the movement of money.


Qartpay is organized in a way that the client has the right to control the pay-out time of the transaction. This enables the business to ascertain systematic and non strenuous financial payments with all its users.

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Through are international certification and standards, we assure to our clients an unmatched like value settlement. Qartpay provides for the most reasonable service/interest rates that gives its clients the highest benefits.


Working on international grounds, we have a wide multi-currency settlement that includes almost all the major currencies. We offer the most comprehensive and simplistic financial solutions to businesses around the world in their local currency.