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Disputes & Chargebacks


Qartpay works with both Merchant & Customer regarding the disputes. You can raise a dispute by filling the form within 30 days of making the payment.

Report all issues if the payment is made through Qartpay Payment Gateway. We try to resolve the dispute in 7 Business days.

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Chargebacks are expected to happen in payment industry. Why do chargebacks happen and how do you deal will it are the major concerns. A streamlined process need to be followed to mitigate risk and optimize recovery from false positives. We help you understand Chargebacks and how to recover revenue through dedicated experts and our fraud prevention system.

Why do Chargebacks take place?
Any transaction dispute which results in denial to pay for the transaction and demanding refunds by the customer to the merchant, is when the chargeback occurs. The parties involved are: Customer, Merchant, Issuer, Acquirer, Card Brands(Visa/Master/Rupay etc), Payment Gateway.

Reasons for chargebacks:

  1. Fraud/No Authorization happened at merchant�s or Customer�s end
  2. Recurring Billing Disputes
  3. Technical Incompetence
  4. Quality Product or Service not delivered

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Documentation required to prove the Chargeback:

  1. Delivery Proof
  2. Invoice Copy
  3. Order Confirmation
  4. Tracking details
  5. Transaction ID

Any kind of Disputes that arises due to Chargeback issues will be solved by a rationalized process.

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There can be many instances where a customer can demand refunds for the transaction made on the merchant�s website or app. Refunds request can be raised due to various reasons like Failed Transactions, Cancelled etc.. through various payment methods like Credit/Debit Cards, Net banking, UPI, Wallets.

You can opt for any of the following modes for refunds for your customers:

  • Normal refunds: Taking 5-7 Business days
  • Instant refunds: Customer gets it immediately
  • Both options can be taken as per the business model you follow

For Merchant�s & Customer�s Refund Queries, you can reach us at :

We will try our best to resolve your refund issues.


Qus:- How do I issue refunds to my customers?
Ans:- By Using Dashboard or By Using Refund API�s

Qus:- How can I track refunds?
Ans:- ByBy Email Notifications or SMS or Any reporting