Payment Tokenisation

Most merchants and proprietors dealing with a relatively consistent clientele have a need to ascertain a reliable and user-friendly mode of making payments. Whether you are an independent entrepreneur or a huge financial institution, the efficiency of your business is engrained in its monetary management, in which securing the payment is of the highest priority. This is where we come to provide your business entity a cutting-edge technological solution.

Here is how we get it done.

Tokenization is an extremely simple yet extremely precise and safe way to make and take payments. Qartpay has created an advanced system of turning the value of money temporarily into an otherwise valueless token to keep it safe during the transfer, this is tokenization. Although this method of securing payments has been in use for some time now, with the swift evolution of technology it has become prone to intrusion rendering it unsafe. An internationally experienced team of elite technology professionals has worked extensively to address this specific goal of safeguarding tokenization for your business endeavors. We introduce high-end futuristic coding software entirely resistant to an external threat of any kind. Our system of encoding sensitive information onto a token and then retrieving it through decoding is packed with an unmatched and customized anti-infiltration firewall that is never compromised to direct attack, token mapping table exposure, cryptanalysis, side-channel analysis or even brute force.

Putting it simply, our token generation system for monetary transactions is the safest way you would want to manage the movement of money for your business as it is the fastest and totally secured therefore the best.